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Anyone have a detailed description of how to claim your BCC if you have a JAxx wallet? I have waited for them to support BCC but seems its not going to happen.


I think you mean BCH, which has been implemented into Jaxx Wallet as of 7 November 2017

You might need to update your Jaxx version if it's not currently seen under "Wallets"

I did mine on Saturday, took about 5 minutes.

Link below for instructions :


Did you guys make a killing yesterday ? I missed the bus , I'm so so sad!
But hey next time will be right on time.

I had bch from the fork, almost had it at quadruple the original value. Luno, however wasn’t really prepared for this and wouldn’t let me sell it off. Sending Bch from Luno to another wallet also takes up to a full business day. So no, I couldn’t sell any of it

Eish!! I'm so sorry about that. Try using altcointrader . co. za

It trades almost all of them .

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