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Auto funding your Luno account
Do any of you have a monthly/weekly auto payment to your Luno account? Do you have any issues with money not being allocated fast enough or does it work without problem?
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I do not think Luno supports automatic payments, never tested it, but my reference number changed a few times so not 100% sure.

I transfer funds manually.
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Well if they are on here, consider this a feature request. Debit order buying of BTC and ETH
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The way I understand it, you can technically setup a debit order on your side to pay X amount of Rand into Luno's bank account with your customer number as reference, and it will be credited to your account....BUT, as far as I know thats not exactly kosher with either sars, or laws or something like that, which is why I think exchanges want you to first say how much you want to deposit, and then they generate an invoice of sorts that can be linked to your payment....I am not 100% sure, but thats the only reason why I can figure both Luno and Ice Cubed added that step to their deposit processes.
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I send R150 to my account on a monthly basis, Reference hasn't changed since I opened my account

By just sending an EFT or do you go to Luno first and do the whole deposit thing on there?
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You can simply send the money via EFT, then it will appear in your ZAR wallet.

Then you convert your Rands to BTC by buying BTC's

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