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Anyone investing in Stadio?
Nice one!!

Who else is invested in Stadio? Wouldn't it be amazing if all Stadio shareholders registered here?

@Admin @jonobruton I still feel you guys should link up with EasyEquities, their client base can benefit so much from this community and we can use more people in turn.

Im in too. Helps offset some other shockers in my portfolio..
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Register to invest via Easy Equities: http://bit.ly/2mDNXsT


This is awesome.

Come on badboy, I want a little more green, please.

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I recall Curro in it's early years accumulated a lot of real-estate to build new schools etc.

When Stadio unbundled from curro, do you any of you know if they got property as well or if they need to start from scratch?

I am trying to figure out where Curro's support started and ended and what Stadio has to do currently.
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I thought I got in at a decent price at R6.79 but the last two weeks haven't been pretty, I'm down 32%. At least this is a longterm hold for me. Maybe I should buy more. Smile

Keith doesn't seem to like em.

Stadio magically up +18% this week, just before the quarter end. Magical, as only backed by an excel spreadsheet, great PR and lots of promises and targets.

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Who of you will be attending the AGM?

I see on their website, The Annual General Meeting, to be held at Curro Durbanville School, CR van der Merwe School Hall, 1 Memento Drive, Sonstraal Heights, Cape Town at 14:00 on Monday, 4 June 2018.

Yea, I am going. It's around the corner from me so why not.
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Share your notes with us afterwards, I won't be going.

Suddenly this stock is hurting me.

Up 1%

I'm -38%, don't have a lot invested but I would prefer to see green. It's a longterm hold for me anyway though.

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