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Anyone investing in Stadio?
This share came to the market in a flurry of very positive news reporting and was universally described as the next Curro Holdings – run by the same man that made Curro famous (CR van der Merwe) and backed by the same parent company (PSG). All this hype caused the share price to race upwards – for the first four days – reaching a ridiculous price of 950c on the 4th day (10-10-2017). After this, the price collapsed back to close at 816c.

I read about them here on the main article: https://platinumwealth.co.za/insights/in...ting-star/ I did not even know about this, do any of you own Stadio shares?

Yes I do, and I have taken up my rights offering as well. These guys are currently concluding a deal with Milpark as their first major acquisition. Excited to see what heights stadio will reach.

Okay then I will need to get myself some.

Been sitting on the trigger myself.

@Groovy you buying Stadio (SDO)?
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You could potentiality get in cheaper by buying some rights as well....don't know how much they are being traded on the market...I reackon most people would be silly to not take up their rights.

You guys got any thoughts on insimbi refractory and alloys?

Are the rights via Curro, meaning do I have to own Curro shares, or can anyone buy rights?

I'm an EasyEquities user so not really sure what I can and cannot do.
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Im on EE as well. Yes I own curro as well but my rights came from owning Stadio shares. But you can phone EE to see if anyone is selling their rights. Only closes on 25th. But only do that if you suspect that going that route will be cheaper than just buying directly into Stadio. Because it will be the rights price plus 2.50 per share taken up... I wont pass comment on that will have to see how it goes...

(10-13-2017, 12:30 PM)Spreadsheet Ranger Wrote: Been sitting on the trigger myself.

@Groovy you buying Stadio (SDO)?

I'm not sure @Spreadsheet Ranger, but FOMO is killing me watching Stadio people happy alone. I own $h#Tloads of Pembury Lifestyle Group though....sigh

Fomo hitting me as well... I think I will buy R500's worth.

I am glad there is a consensus that this stock might have potential.

Just like that, FOMO got a hold of me.

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I own pembury as well, more than stadio and curro and I know they are down alot at the moment, but wait untill jan feb next year when 4 of their schools open and we will see... they need to find their feet and grow..hopefully they will...they still very new

(10-13-2017, 01:28 PM)Spreadsheet Ranger Wrote: Just like that, FOMO got a hold of me.


Side note, what else you in @ the moment?

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