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After Hours Banter
Is there Rugby on today?
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They left you high and dry.

What did you get to eat?

I ended up getting chicken from pick n pay already cooked.

Wasn't too bad.
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Just blew a head gasket on my car and now have to sell some shares to pay for it... :-(

Ahh shiaat. That is terrible.

I had a dentist appointment, unexpected had to sell zcash.

(I wrote an article on how to use and structure an emergency fund yet...)
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Interesting to see Apple is pushing research into MicroLED screens.

I hope this drives down the cost of TV panels if OLED is suddenly dumped onto the market.

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Paas weekend!
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(08-10-2017, 11:35 PM)Bandit Wrote: Finally, PW in general agrees with what the sane think of cryptocurrencies Tongue[Image: ed0c602fe7c797a58acf4ac640908896.jpg]

I was new to crypto at that time of the one of the most regrettable investment have ever done in my life... (bitconary) it brought a financial instability’s to my finances back then, then I realized never to invest what u can’t afford to lose when it comes to crypto

That is so true, not only because of the risk, but also because a "prepared to lose it" attitude is required before one is psychologically capable of hodling forever. I knew when I put in my money that it might disappear, so I've not sold my cryptos despite the crash. I've simply left everything where it is and deleted the investment from my spreadsheet as if it never existed. If it never recovers, so be it. If it does, I'm in for a lovely bonus.

I guess it is, and always has been, gambling.

That being said, whether you're prepared to lose it or not, it still hurts.

Do any of you have a DSTV login that I can borrow for today's game?
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Johannesburg has been quite amazing so far.

Very awesome insurance product that EasyE will be launching.

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