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After Hours Banter
Last international race of his career - men's 4x100m relay. He is passed the Batton, on the final stretch and in third. Just as he wanted to put foot down and gun it he pulls a muscle or something and collapses on track.

Jamaica/Bolt - DNF
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Ahhh man, that sucks.
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That performance of bolt was quite something.

Tomorrow is Monday, just let that set in.

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Dammit James!
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Oh wait. I'm off till Wednesday hehehehe

Try again Satan.
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Can't sleep, tomorrow is going to be a bugger.

Hopefully I have enough coffee.

I really need three day weekends Sad
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3 day weekends would be life.

Why doesn't SA have that again?
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Because the ANC.

No, I don't actually know.

I see Sanlam is buying 30% of EasyEquities.

Let's hope they don't royally screw it up when they take it over one day.
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So EasyEquities found a way to stay in business. Don't think they would've survived much longer unless they increased their prices.
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Agreed. We'll hopefully this is for the best.

Sanlam's Itrader is by far the most advanced platform I ever used/seen and easyequities.co.za is right up there with the best platform in SA.

So good match I suppose.

I am happy!

Of the lot, Sanlam was always a favourite of mine.
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So which one of you poor bastids work or live close to the PTA CBD?
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