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After Hours Banter
A forum is not a forum without a thread where anything goes.
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Finally, PW in general agrees with what the sane think of cryptocurrencies Tongue[Image: ed0c602fe7c797a58acf4ac640908896.jpg]
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That is called click bait with a bit of truth because the newsletter has a thread about your dumbest investment and it has a thread about cryptro currencies. - In reality unrelated, in marketing - inviting.
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Come now, it's a hidden message!
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Where is purply?

I'm here

/detects ninja name change
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He might not be the P you wanted, be his the P you needed.

Where is @purply it's a Friday ffs.
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Skype at work:

Quote:[2017/08/11, 09:25:56] *guy: Where do pencils come from
[2017/08/11, 09:26:47] *me: iron man and a eucalyptus sitting in a tree...
[2017/08/11, 09:26:55] *guy: pensylvania
[2017/08/11, 09:27:02] *me: stop
[2017/08/11, 09:27:03] *me: just
[2017/08/11, 09:27:05] *me: ...stop
[2017/08/11, 09:28:33] *guy: What do you call a guy with a car on his head?
[2017/08/11, 09:28:44] *me: motorhead
[2017/08/11, 09:28:50] *guy: jack
[2017/08/11, 09:29:04] *me: gonna hurt you...

Make this day end already... Sad
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you need better skype friends.
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*better colleagues
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I suppose this thread will be manned after hours if I post a drunk update at 2am tonight.
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It's after hours...
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After hours is for watching IAAF finals and Bolt's disastrous exit.
IQ Test

I'm in a cabin, here's no TV.

What happened to bolt?
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