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Afrihost fined R14 000 for sending spam emails
Quote:The Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA) has fined Afrihost R14 000 for failing to abide by sections of the organisation’s code of conduct.

The breach of the code of conduct was brought to the ISPA’s attention by Afrihost customer Gerd Naschenweng who had opted out of marketing emails but continued to receive mails.

More: http://www.htxt.co.za/2017/09/22/afrihos...am-emails/
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If you want the whole story, here: https://www.naschenweng.info/2017/06/07/...mail-spam/

Point is that companies can be held liable for sending you unsolicited emails or SMS's. In this case, it was Afrihost and the complaint was laid with ISPA, but the link above should give you an idea of how you can lay a complaint, the procedures involved and what your rights are.

The only sad thing about the whole story is that they were fined an amount which is basically pocket change. One would want ISPA to send a much stronger message out and fine them a whole lot more.
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Ahh man!

That guy is my hero, I wonder what the Afrihost support over at Airforce one is saying. Probably instructed to deny left right and center. Those guys, professional liars.
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