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Online advertising is necessary for small and large businesses alike, but small business advertising is decidedly more difficult. Your staff is smaller, and your marketing budgets are smaller too. How do you compete with bigger businesses under the circumstances?

The good news is that Platinum Wealth encourages and supports the creation, growth, and development of small businesses in South Africa. Therefore, we decided to open the Marketplace up for small business owners to advertise their business free of charge.

We also want to offer job seekers a way to get noticed, so our Marketplace will now also be open to job seekers to showcase their skills and increase their chances of being employed. This is aimed at helping to solve the unemployment crisis in South Africa by enabling job seekers to get their skills and talents in front of potential employers.

Business owners:
- You must have been registered for longer than 10 days and have a minimum of five posts.
- You may bump your thread every two weeks.
- You must use the business template.
- Put your business name e.g., “Burger Fair Bellville” or business initials e.g., “BF” in the Title of your thread. All posts without the business name or business initials will be deleted.

Job Seekers:
- You must have been registered for 10 days and have a minimum of four posts.
- Do not post your CV.
- Do not post your personal details.
- Do not post salary and rates.
- Use the job seeker template.

Prospective Clients, Employers and Forum Members:
- Do not post in the thread, discuss it via a private message.
- Notify either myself, @padjakkels or @Bandit if you feel a thread is inappropriate.

Please copy and paste the following Template and then fill it in.

If you want to advertise your business
Service/Product Description:
About us:
Links (optional):
Use this sub forum.

If you are seeking employment
Job description:
Location or telecommuting:
Permanent or part-time:
Junior, intermediary or senior:
About me:
What I am looking for:
Links (optional):
Use this sub forum.

Please take note that posts not following the guidelines and/or template will be deleted.

South Africa needs entrepreneurs and Platinum Wealth is determined to promote entrepreneurship and develop small enterprises by providing business support services like these - which results in business growth and sustainability.
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