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Accountability of the JSE
We actually spoke about this a lot in the Stock Watch Thread, I wonder how and where the responsibility of the JSE starts and ends.

From a recent article on biznews.com
Quote:I feel vindicated that Oakbay is now delisted. The JSE should be ashamed that they ever allowed it to be listed in the first place. The listing facilitated a massive transfer of wealth from the PIC to the Guptas. Where is the JSE regarding this massive fraud? Absolutely nowhere is my guess. But they happily fined me R100 000 for a trade worth no more than R400. No money was ever made on the trade, nor was there ever intention to do so. I was completely open with regard to my intention: to give the Guptas the proverbial finger. You decide if that was heavy handed or not. 

I’m hoping that what I have done emboldens the man in the street to protest in any way he or she can. We are literally at war with our current president and his cronies.

Full article here: biznews.com
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I strongly believe the honchos at the JSE get a commission for every insider trade. That's the only logical explanation i could come up with, since i've never heard of any arrest on all the violations that happen on a regular basis.

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