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[ANN][pre-ICO] E-chat. Contact the world - anytime, anywhere
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e-Chat Pre-ICO: First Decentralized Messenger with Capabilities of a Multi-currency Crypto-Wallet, Starts on October 16th

The e-Chat team announced the release of a revolutionary product on the ICO, which will undoubtedly interest both large investors and ordinary users.

The product developed by the e-Chat team combines such functions as:

- the possibility of a classic messenger
- finance (multi-currency crypto-wallet, with the ability to connect bank cards and other payment services)
- quality content
- data protection

Let's take a look at the e-Chat application. It's about a decentralized messenger based on the blockchain technology. You will discover a fast and secure messenger with the usual functionality: messages, audio and video calls, group chats, stickers and bots. What makes it so special?

1. When registering your account, you get an access to the multi-currency wallet with a starting bonus in the form of internal cryptocurrency. You will have the opportunity to send both cryptocurrencies and fiat money to your friends and acquaintances directly in the messenger. In addition, you can pay for services on the Internet or offline with the help of NFC and QR-codes.

2. The ability to store funds within the application is justified by a unique security system that includes:

a. peer-to-peer connection
b. end-to-end encryption
c. double authentication of payments, etc.

3. One of the important components in the promotion of products is the involvement of opinion leaders. In this regard, e-Chat has any chance of success! In addition to all the above functions, an instant messenger with a function of the decentralized social network is built into the messenger. To monetize your content, bloggers do not need to resort to the help of advertisers. Users can put the likes on real money.

According to the developers, in a year the number of messages sent in e-Chat will amount to 1 billion per day. Right now, the experienced team is working on improving e-Chat (at the moment you can download working versions of the application for iOS and Android). In addition, the team received permits to use the application in China, which allows you to get one of the largest application markets in the world!

Read more about the project on the official website - http://ico.echat.io/.

The e-Chat Team Announces the Search for Partners Around the World for a Mutually Beneficial Cooperation

Recently, the e-Chat team announced plans to conduct the ICO presenting a revolutionary product, which will undoubtedly be a hit in 2018. We are talking about a decentralized messenger based on the blockchain technology, the function of which includes:

- voice and video calls, chats and channels;
- built-in multi-currency wallet with the ability to make payments from the messenger;
- transfers of both cryptocurrencies and fiat money directly in the messages;
- end-to-end encryption, private key storage and advanced data protection system;
- a photo and video content feed with the ability to earn money on likes!

The validity of the messenger functionality is also confirmed by the growth of the market. The technology of blockchain outgrows from the trend and the necessary basic functionality.  Both instant messengers and mobile payments are experiencing unprecedented increase.

In addition to the breakthrough idea, e-Chat has a working product, which is daily updated by an experienced development team. The beta version of the messenger is already available for iOS and Android. Thus, the team has received permission for the use of the application in China!

Send any questions or suggestions for cooperation to the email address [email protected] All of them will be reviewed and analyzed by the management of e-Chat.

Wait, how does this compare to Telegram?
Join the official JSE Discord Channel

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We are looking for talented employees ready to join our team! We need people for the following positions:

- The genius of SMM marketing for generating content and information guides in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
- An experienced forum blogger, ability to work with bitcointalk, medium, stemeet and other forums
- SMM-designer who will be responsible for visual design of the content generated for social network - High-class operator, willing to release videos for Youtube, Facebook аnd Instagram. Both news & educational.
- Marketing specialist with ability to launch advertising campaigns and monitor their implementation
- Copywriter specializing in the field of cryptocurrency, who doesn't produce rubbish and with knowledge how to write interesting material & fast pace.

Mainly, we are looking for people who are responsible and know how to work independently, familiar with the cryptocurrency market and have a general interest in the subject! We provide excellent working conditions and a good salary, while you are expected to have a responsible approach to the fulfillment of tasks and interest in the development of the project!

Send your CV and cover letter as an attachment at [email protected] marked as "Team"

(09-24-2017, 10:25 AM)Spreadsheet Ranger Wrote: Wait, how does this compare to Telegram?

Please study our white paper.
There are a lot of interesting options. For exapmle multi crypto vote, or integrated multi-currency wallet

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You can observe that at the request of state authorities, messengers decide what data can or cannot be exchanged.
Even if the company refuses to provide such data, they can always be received using force, because all your correspondence and content on social networks are stored on physical storage media (servers) under the control of a particular country.

Decentralization is the solution to this problem. e-Chat provides a unique protection system for its users. In order to implement it, we used technologies such as IPFS, P2P, and blockchain. e-Chat is designed in a such way that even if entire countries or continents are blocked any messengers, our system will continue to work.

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Actual News.
Huffingtonpost included e-Chat in 5 Must-Have Mobile Apps to Improve Your Privacy and Security

Read the article

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Only 10 days left until the end of pre-ICO. Don't miss your chance to participate in the token sale with the best price!


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Crypto-technologies conquer the world every day, taking root in the usual spheres of life. Australian University Issues Academic Credentials to Students based on Blockchain. The University of Melbourne is now storing and issuing student records using blockchain where recipients will be able to access their academic credentials on a mobile application.

If these technologies find application in such specialized spheres, it is impossible to deny that in the everyday environment there will be even more in demand. Which we decided to start with the most important part of everyday life - communication!

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The Miss Earth pageant is a tremendous event in the world of fashion and beauty. In 2017 it is the 17th time the Queen of this show will be selected by the authoritative jury. The coronation ceremony will take place in the capital of the Philippines, Manila.

It’s quite exciting news for us as this year we have become a partnering organization of Miss Earth 2017. e-Chat is enlisted among the sponsors.

At the same time, we would like to remind you, that e-Chat pre-ICO lasts until November 15, 2017. Don’t miss out the chance to get your very own ECHT tokens with a 30% discount!

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It’s very symbolic that e-Chat is among the sponsors of the Second Annual International Blockchain Conference that is taking place in Hong Kong, a city where it had been established and based. For e-chat Advisor,Jeff Marquass, it is a home environment where he has over 17 years experience of successful work in different companies in Asia as he is really keen on Asian business ethics.

[Image: CjgGZql.png]

This being said, his talk about the perspectives of e-Chat and participation in the panel discussion, dedicated to the blockchain technology and its international perspectives, was especially interesting for the participants as the number of e-Chat subscribers in social networks has significantly increased. It goes without saying that e-Chat is one of the few messengers that can legally work in such a giant market as China with a population of 1.379 billion people, where more than 600 million people regularly use smartphones.

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As we wrote earlier, today the senior figures from the tech and finance world gathered in Hong Kong to discuss how new technologies and blockchain, in particular, are changing our modern world. ICOs and the Token Distribution — are the main topics for discussion on the conference. So follow the updates on our website and don’t miss the most interesting content from the speakers from all corners of the world.

[Image: b9qz094.png]

And today, on November 11th, 2017, e-Chat will also take part in two big events: the Leading Conference on Decentralization in Davos, Switzerland and the first Blockchain Conference in Tokyo, holding by Blockchain Labo. Stay in touch!

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Hello Everyone!

One of the unique features of e-Chat is "Cryptolike", where any user can receive a reward by making quality content! We decided to show how satisfying it will be and for this reason we announce a video blog contest!

Terms and conditions

1. Make a video about e-Chat ICO and post it on your YouTube / YOKU channel

Topics for video: - review of ICO e-Chat; - e-Chat application overview

2. Send a link to the video in a special google FORM / [email protected]

3. Wait for intermediate and final results!

Terms of the competition: From 10/11/2017 to 10/12/2017

Prizes: We will define several winners with a total prize fund of 27.000 ECHT (more than $ 27.000)!

Intermediate results: - 50 ECHT - to the first 20 contestants! - 1.000 ECHT - the video that receives the most votes by the end of the week!

To the winners of the competition:

5.000 ECHT - the most creative video 7.000 ECHT - "People's Choice Award" 10.000 ECHT - the best video according to the authors of the e-Chat project!

Voting in the nomination "People's Choice Award" will be held on the ico.echat.io website, where the videos of all participants will be displayed. Any investor who has 10 or more ECHT tokens on the balance can vote for the favorite video.

Good luck!

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Pre-ICO of the e-Chat ends on November 15. You have only 2 days left to pre-order ECHT tokens and receive a 30% bonus.
Invest now!


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Bitcoin Gold is new and promising means of payment. It’s a hard fork that enables Bitcoin mining with GPU. The increased interest into this cryptocurrency and the encouraging trade it shows, convinced us to allow e-Chat tokens (ECHT) sale in Bitcoin Gold. We are the first ICO worldwide to let it our investors trade ECHT for BTG. 


[Image: ptoFJhf.png]

Last day of our pre-ICO is today!

We are proud to present e-Chat and remind you that you still have a chance to become a part of our big and friendly e-Chat family. Our pre-ICO is coming to an end. There is only one day left and it is TODAY. Don’t miss out your chance to buy the tokens with a 30% discount.

Invest in us today and change the world for better!

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As e-Chat gains its popularity, the community is also growing! The number of our chat’s participants on Telegram is reaching 1000! We are pleased to see you in our chat room and we present you a set of e-Chat stickers that you could share your brighter emotions! Share your feelings with us! If you have not yet joined us, it's time to do it right now! In our chat room, you will find out a lot of ICO investors and e-Chat users, as well as a support service that will very quickly answer all your questions!


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