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2016 Elections: South Africa & Co
I am really interested to see how this election will play out tomorrow.
My feeling is that should the ANC appear to lose strength and the DA appears stronger than before that might interest foreign investors that a regime chance is still possible and boost our economy. 

That is my feel, other than the DA gaining more power I don't see how else the ZAR will ever go below R10 again.

How do you guys think this election will impact SA Co?

I think the slandering, smear campaigns and hooliganism that'll follow will have a far greater impact than the results themselves.

If ANC maintains a strong following the EFF will be upset, tell everybody the ANC rigged the votes, call for a reelection and raze a couple of buildings.
If the ANC loses its strong following we'll have protesters in the street flinging feces at buildings and possibly burn down a school or six.
If the DA wins outright...both of the above in unison and the destruction of more statues.
If the EFF wins outright...both of the above in addition to white farmers stocking up on .303 rounds and calls for Cape Town to become a sovereign state :p

Regardless of what happens tomorrow one thing is sure - somewhere something will be destroyed.
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Very good point, I have been thinking of this myself, no matter what the outcome tomorrow due to the three very diverse parties, somewhere something is going to give. There is no clean break when it comes to this.
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